Review Simpsons Tapped out / Springfield

hi guysScreenshot_2013-04-13-00-01-48

since ive been very inactive in the past i have the feeling that i need to post something i ll do right now
Its nothing big but still funny to collect figures of the beloved   Simpsons Episodes.

To collect them u have to solve quests and build some buildings or set up trees and bushes. Every char has his own quest so it never will be booring in your own designed springfield.

There is also an lvl requirement to build something but if u play active u dont have any problems since the game has only 27 lvls and they are reached fast.


Screenshot_2013-04-13-00-05-34With the lastest update its complete – now u can add friends   as neighbours like at the iOS version.
Also there is an funny event – Whacking day –  u have to smash snakes to get some special stuff

If u play it too or plan to get it, i would be proud when u add me =)

my Origin nickname is like u maybe expected : “4ich” XD


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